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Door Decs!



One of my favorite parts of being an RA is making the door decs. I think Michelle can also agree, but she spends a lot more time and energy on hers. I aim for mine to be simple, cute and reproducible. On the other hand, Michelle likes to make door decs that require lots of precise cutting and pretty papers like these adorable turtles. I think she easily spent 30-40 hours making 60 turtles.


I made the streamer door decs over spring break in just two hours with the help of my little 13-year-old sister Katie. She had gotten a bunch of Washi Tape which is designer tape meant for crafting. We searched on Pinterest for some ideas on how to use it and came up with using the tape and embroidery floss to make little streamers.

It’s quite simple. You put a long piece of tape on the embroider floss and fold it over so the ends meet and the sticky side of the tape is no longer exposed.


Then you cut the rectangles into triangle shapes!


Katie has quite a Washi Tape collection so it was fun to mix and match colors and put the streamers on different colored backgrounds. Of course, if you don’t have tape already, you just need about 2 or 3 rolls to make these decs. These flags are also great for birthday cards.

Happy Crafting RA Friends,

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