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White Chocolate Espresso Cookies


As much as I wish, I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer in my room.  But then think, “What did homemakers use before this invention?”  Pure arm strength.  And that’s just what Michelle and I use.  This brings us to today’s cookie which was made with just a wooden spoon. These cookies are chewy, with just the right amount of white chocolate and espresso to make it better than the average cookie.  We have made these cookies before using a different recipe but they were a little too crunchy for our liking.  We’re all about the chewy cookies.   Not just chewy fresh out of the oven.  We’re talking like chewy after sitting in a plastic container for 5 days…not that they ever last that long.  So we took our favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe and added white chocolate chips and espresso powder.  Think white chocolate mocha in cookie form.

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