About Us

Hello!  We’re Angela (the older, cooler one) and Michelle (the younger, slightly less cool one).  We are two sisters that go to the University of Arizona and we live in neighboring dorms.   Angela is a Resident Assistant and loves to bake for her residents, fellow RA’s, and for personal enjoyment.  Michelle visits Angela all the time to study in her room/distract Angela from doing her homework/make lots of dirty dishes/bake.

Okay, whatever.  Angela loves Michelle and she knows it and wouldn’t be able to live without her.  P.S. Michelle’s not sorry for spilling milk all over Angela’s desk.  Anyway, the name “Baking on the Bed,” (which by the way, Michelle came up with) was inspired by the fact that we sometimes have to resort to using Angela’s dorm room bed as a work surface when preparing our culinary concoctions.  The communal kitchens are really gross so we prefer to do a majority of the prep work in Angela’s room.  It’s small, so we have to make do with the limited space and work surfaces.  We roll dough out on the dresser (after cleaning it of course!) and use the bed as a counter top for mixing dough and setting down trays of baked goods.  It sounds weird, but it works.

Aww, we’re cute!


Not to mention weird.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Rhyann says:

    I love it!!!!! Your bio is really funny. I’m guessing Angela wrote that she was the cooler one haha

  2. Tanzida Zaman says:

    Awww you guys are so cute! And a little weird, but the good kind that people like.

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