Hipster Holiday


As a Resident Assistant, I love programming.  I get to help put on a lot of events for the dorm that help build the community, promote safety, and improve academics.  It’s not as boring as it sounds though…especially when baking and delicious treats are involved.  One of my favorite  events was “Sex in the Basement” where we had a “sex-pert” come in and answer questions about safe sex (we got some pretty crazy questions).  We served chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream and slutty brownies to really set the mood.

This month, my programming group planned a “Hipster Holiday.”  We transformed our back courtyard into an hipster cafe complete with twinkling candles, hipster flags, and lots and lots of homemade baked goods.  After hours on Pinterest, this is what I finally came up to bake:

Baking took over 6 hours with the help of Michelle and another RA named Delaney.  I was definitely overwhelmed with the amount of food that had to be made.  Ingredients and measuring spoons were being lost in my room.  My desk was getting greasy with butter and oil.  We were rushing up and down the stairs between my room and the kitchen to check on the food in the oven.  And by the time we were done, I think my entire room was covered in a fine layer of flour.

Despite all the time, effort, and butter (all 8 sticks of it!), this program was definitely worth it in the end.  There is nothing I love more than food bringing people together.  People gobbled up all the treats and asked if there was a limit to how much they could eat.  Another remarked that the banana bread was the best they had ever had and that I’d be making banana bread for days.

Here are a few snapshots of the food before it was devoured by the residents.

The apple cinnamon scones came out beautifully-tender and delicious!  They’re also super huge!  Caramelizing the apples definitely gives this scone its flavor.  Perfect with a cup of coffee of milk.


S’more cookies might be my new favorite things to make because they are so incredibly simple and are so ooey gooey right out of the oven!  Just make cookie dough, put a small spoonful on top of each graham cracker and top with marshmallows and a piece of Hershey’s chocolate.  I ended up making them the very next day with some leftover cookie dough for an RA’s birthday because he loved them so much.


Here are the peanut butter swirl brownies.  Aren’t they pretty?  A little dry for my taste but I love the flavor combo.  I might try again with a more fudgy batter.


Look at how happy and hipster everyone is!


Happy Baking,



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